Seattle Goodwill Goodwill: Jobs Change Lives

We helped Goodwill spotlight the many lives transformed through their programs, and emphasize their core belief—that jobs change lives.



Jobs change lives: this belief was buried under the day-to-day and other initiatives. People already know they can find all sorts of treasures at their local Seattle Goodwill store. While it’s well-known that Seattle Goodwill takes donations of goods, Seattle Goodwill also has financial needs to support its job training and education programs.

Seattle Goodwill was looking for a crystal clear way to share the results of changed lives with their donors and volunteers. But with all the services they offer, the challenge is in explaining how they all work together. (And why each aspect is important.) What unites Goodwill staff, teachers, students, employers, donors, volunteers, and all their families is the belief that jobs change lives. They believe it because they see it every day.

In order to move more people down the “funnel” from retail into donating, the belief, “because jobs change lives,” needed to be front and center.


Seattle Goodwill wanted Belief Agency to share the impact Seattle Goodwill has had on The Seattle-area community through their various programs and the support of their donors and friends in the region. As a team, Belief Agency decided that the most compelling way to tell the story of life-change through Goodwill training was to highlight individuals who have graduated from Seattle Goodwill’s programs.

While the explicit Goodwill program focus is on helping individuals get training and find employment, the full scope of their impact extends to the web of families and communities connected to Goodwill trainees.

To show that, we first focused on individuals and how they were supported by multiple people in various Goodwill departments.


Beliefs are an organization’s most powerful differentiation—they drive passion and inspire vision. Once those beliefs are uncovered, we know what to communicate.

Goodwill believes that jobs change lives.

Our job is not to be creative, but to help people communicate what is true, and explain their beliefs in the clearest way possible.


Once we know what to communicate, we can determine how to communicate. Our strategy is to map the tactics needed in order to effectively represent a brand

When Belief Agency left our initial meeting with Seattle Goodwill, we all had the same takeaway: 9,200 lives changed had made a massive impact on our community. Most simply, a brand is just a vision united by stories. It made sense to tell the Goodwill story in the most clear and honest way one story at a time: through the lives of a few of those 9,200 people who have successfully graduated Goodwill job training programs.

We can raise greater brand awareness and foster the growth of Seattle Goodwill advocates when we share the stories of those whose lives have been changed because of Seattle Goodwill. Additionally, when we clearly communicate what Goodwill is and what it believes in, we can attract like-minded people, increase donor participation, and raise awareness about the true mission of Seattle Goodwill.


When you identify who your audience is, the right content enables you to communicate with them efficiently. It conveys who you are, what you do, and what to expect.

With direction from that meeting, Belief Agency interviewed arranged a series of interviews ranging from the CEO, to people served by Seattle Goodwill’s programs, to those serving in the programs.

We interviewed people at their work or at their homes. Belief Agency brought along a photographer to capture people in their authentic environments.

Each interview was recorded, capturing the raw stories in audio. They were then transcribed. From there the copy team pieced together a series of stories intertwining all the different elements of Goodwill’s programs and services.


Great content has to reach the right people, in the right places, at the right time. We determine and leverage the appropriate channels to ensure that you engage the right people at the right time.

Goodwill donor mailing list.


The relationship between distribution and analysis is an ever-revolving door. Data helps us sharpen the message. Analyzing that data shows us what’s working and what’s not.


By sharing single stories of those whose lives have been changed by the programming available through Seattle Goodwill, we helped show the end potential of the support Seattle Goodwill offers, and the external work they are making possible through funding initiatives.

By clearly communicating what Seattle Goodwill has always internally believed, they saw a significant increase in donor participation, and a raised awareness and alignment around that belief.

Everything starts with belief. Let's uncover yours.


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