Scrappy's Bitters The Best Bitters for the Best Bartenders

Scrappy’s believes bitters can be better. We helped create an award-winning website to reflect the quality and caliber of their product.


2015 Seattle ADDY® Gold Award Winner
AAF District XI: 2015 Silver ADDY

Scrappy’s Bitters was founded by Seattle bartender Miles Thomas. In his search for a better bitters, he dove headfirst into research and development, immersing himself in the world herbs and methods of extraction. He learned to pair flavors in order to intensify the taste he was seeking, and he came to understand that there were not only many ways to extract flavor from the same source, but that each yielded a different flavor. His journey proved fruitful: After years of experiments Scrappy’s officially launched in 2008, and a small, but dedicated team has been making handcrafted bitters in Seattle, WA ever since.

Scrappy's approached us to help design and develop a new website and help refine their messaging.


As for the design, we took their already beautiful labels and imagined what they might look like cleaned up and digitized. The photography throughout the site was shot by Kyle Johnson, and we tried to choose photography, typefaces, and colors that seemed "period appropriate" and that had a "classy cocktail bar" feel.


Scrappy’s Bitters wanted to envelop their audience with their amazing process and products, and so we focused on ways to include a progressive flow and detail throughout the site. We broke down graphics to scale regardless of size, focusing on clean edges and compression for high quality images. With the enthusiastic audience using Scrappy’s Bitters, we wanted an easy submission process for homemade cocktails using their bitters. Our main focus was to build a clean and detailed web site that highlighted all the aspects that makes Scrappy’s Bitters an amazing company to follow, contribute and support.


"Working with Belief not only exceeded our expectations with the final product, but also in the end-to-end service experience we had with them. Belief helped us introspectively identify and communicate the brand values that we already held true, but didn't previously have the tools to express." — Kia Karimi, Marketing Manager for Scrappy's Bitters

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