Tooth & Nail Records No New Kinda Story

Our first full-length feature.


2015 Seattle ADDY® Silver Award Winner

Tooth & Nail Records was one of the most controversial record labels of the ‘90s. In early 1993, after watching a handful of hardcore bands in Southern California, Brandon Ebel, son of a preacher from a small town in Oregon, knew he saw something special. He took a loan from his grandfather, and with a little cash and even less industry experience, he launched one of the most influential independent labels in the last twenty years.

Until now the real story of T&N hadn't been told. We filmed, produced, and edited the full-length feature: No New Kinda Story: The Real Story of Tooth & Nail Records. We also created a 350-page photo book commemorating twenty years of T&N history and built a website,, to promote the film. The No New Kinda Story film, book, and website all tell the no-holds-barred, behind the scene story of the rise, fall, and rebirth of the iconic label


Belief captured the story of Tooth & Nail in what seemed to me like an impossible task—they dug through 20 years of videos and hundreds of hours of interviews and definitely caught the vision of what we were trying to accomplish in the documentary. It wouldn't have happened without them.” — Brandon Ebel, Founder & President

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