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Early in 2014, we produced a film for Dunn Lumber. They wanted to tell the story of their legacy - one built on trust, quality, and traditional values like hard work and honesty. The film was a reinvestment in their past, showing how Dunn Lumber has been building better lives in the greater Seattle area since 1907. The film gave us an opportunity to get to know Dunn Lumber well, and before long we were in discussions about how to enliven the Dunn Lumber brand and recapture a bigger customer base, including weekenders and DIYers. The result? A barely hatched idea for DunnDIY.com, a content site that would speak directly to this potential audience.

Research: Why Women?

When we started our DIY research, we found that women account for 85% of all consumer purchases and they initiate 80% of all home improvement decisions. They also spend 50% more per average purchase than men do at home improvement stores (TrendSight).

“As women become more economically independent, they are starting to fix things around the house for themselves.” —Emily Wax, The Washington Post

The research made it increasingly clear that our audience was not just DIYers, but women DIYers.


When creating the Dunn DIY brand, we kept our primary audience in mind while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the original Dunn Lumber Brand. For a slightly more feminine feel, we softened up the colors and used the thinner typeface in the Dunn family.

Site Design

We drew inspiration from Pinterest and a host of DIY and lifestyle bloggers and created content calendar with six month's worth of projects ranging in cost and difficulty. We kept the barrier to entry low, but included some weekend projects that require a greater degree of technical skill or expertise. We wrote, photographed, and published all content, but the goal is to create a network of local bloggers who will contribute to the Dunn DIY content site as the audience grows.


Analytics helps you see the connection between great content and increased user engagement. We take analytics insights and use them to create more great content. It’s a virtuous cycle that grows and strengthens Dunn DIY. Using Google Analytics Dashboard, we've learned a lot about what our audience wants and whether or not we're meeting their needs. The most surprising finding has been that Dunn DIY's Ikea Dresser Hack post ranks #6 for “diy dresser hack” and #23 for “ikea dresser hack” in non-branded Google searches that are not tied to any location nor influenced by personalized search. The same post ranks well for other related searches.

Dunn DIY 2.0

We're grown the Dunn DIY community in ways we never imaged. In the new year we plan to launch version 2.0 of the website based on what we learned about the wants and needs of our audience. We're rethinking layout, we're adding features, and we're looking forward to continued growth for Dunn DIY.

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