Dog Lovers for Hire is one of Seattle’s fastest-growing companies. We helped to unearth their narrative and refresh their brand.


Rover connects dog lovers to one another, providing a network of dog-sitters to dog-owners who need overnight care for their pets while they are away. The kennel alternative was first conceived at a startup event in Seattle by venture capitalist Greg Gottesman. Aaron Easterly is now at the helm, and in recent months Rover has experienced exponential growth (read: 800 percent). Easterly and his colleagues created a friendly and usable platform, and it hasn't gone unnoticed. They are VC-backed and received GeekWire's Start Up of the Year award in 2014.

BELIEF SESSION and the Process

Rover's feverish growth demanded a closer look at who they were and where they were going. In order to meet the growing demand for their services, they needed to clarify and articulate their vision. We sat down with the team at Rover to help craft internal and external messaging that would solidify the brand and create competitive advantage over parity platforms. After a Belief Session that resulted in a new tagline, "Dog Lovers For Hire," we hand-lettered a logo that reflects the perfectly imperfect relationship between dogs and their dog lovers. Illustrator Darren Booth was a natural fit for the logo and background, and the result: a simple, yet beautiful, logo that more clearly reflects the vision of values of Rover.


From our first meeting with Belief Agency, we were convinced that they were the team to help us understand, articulate, and ultimately live our brand. During their “belief sessions,” we often found ourselves inspired by the things that were coming out of our own mouths. Far from an exercise to land on key words, images, phrases, and taglines, Belief Agency was determined to help us discover our essence. They showed us to ourselves, and on the foundation of our “why" they gave us a roadmap on how to enable our organization to breathe our brand, every single day. —Brent Turner, COO,

Everything starts with belief. Let's uncover yours.


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