Dunn Lumber A Legacy of Trust

Since 1907 the Dunn family has built a legacy of trust in the Seattle area. We helped uncover their story and bring it to a new generation.


2015 Seattle ADDY® Silver Award Winner and Judge's Choice Award Winner

Dunn Lumber approached us with a problem: in an era of big-box and discount stores, they had lost sight of their original vision and were fumbling to tell the story of their legacy - one built on trust, quality, and traditional values like hard work and honesty. They had forsaken their tradition in the name of competition, but with Mike Dunn at the helm as President and CEO, the company decided to reinvest in its past and show how Dunn Lumber has been building better lives in the greater Seattle area since 1907.

We started with an audio recorder, as opposed to the RED®, to decrease the intimidation factor and allow the story to unfold organically. In these interviews we covered the individual careers and company history and began to compile the dynamic story of Dunn Lumber. We transcribed and archived each interview - we wanted the script to be made up completely of real quotes to maintain the highest level of authenticity and respect. The story of Dunn Lumber is a story of trust and courage, and we really wanted to focus on the character of the staff and employees who demonstrated steadfastness through a barrage of changes to their industry.


"Working with Belief was a powerful experience of rediscovering the core of who we are, where we came from and why we do what we do with such unreserved passion.... When Belief lead us back into the past and captured the words and pictures of those that came before us, we were reenergized for the journey forward." —Mike Dunn, President, Dunn Lumber

Everything starts with belief. Let's uncover yours.


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